About clinic

IVF and Reproductive Genetics Center “FertiMed” was established in March 2006. At that time there were already a number of IVF centers in Moscow with quite modest results. By the middle of 2005 the group of specialists in different fields of medicine and biology gathered around Margarita Anshina with the ambitious idea to create the best IVF center in Russia. Their training and long term collaboration with the world's leading IVF centers in Austria, Germany, Israel and especially with Chicago Reproductive Genetics Institute and personally with Yuri Verlinsky allowed new team to achieve the good results from the very beginning.

Our mission

We believe that our clinic offers excellent results – a birth of the healthy child, having spent a minimum time, efforts and money for the dream to come true. We have adopted the most effective reproductive technologies, including preimplantation genetic diagnosis. More than five thousand children have already been born to the couples treated at our Center to the present day.

FertiMed’s mission is to give childless families hope for the future and happiness of parenthood.

What approaches and technologies do we use?

·        Full examination of couples before the start of the treatment

·        Diagnosis and treatment of all types of infertility

·        ART: IVF, ICSI, IVM, etc

·        Managing patients from the beginning of infertility treatment to childbirth

·        Ovum donation program

·        Surrogacy program

·        Preimplantation diagnosis and Genetic Testing (PGT and PGT) for embryo selection before transfer in order to prevent hereditary diseases, habitual abortion and increasing the pregnancy rate

What provides convenience and comfort to our patients?

·        Confidence in highly qualified personnel

·        Personal care

·        Day patient facility

·        Medical certificate

·        Close contacts with hospitals and maternity homes

·        Warm friendly atmosphere

·        Sick list

·        Maternity certificate

Quality assurance

·        Reporting results to the national register

·        Publication of the results in leading national and international journals on human reproduction

·        Continuous Professional Development and Education of all staff at the workplace in the best IVF-clinics in the world

·        Participation in the international congresses and conferences

·        Close cooperation with the best American and European centers

·        The center is a base for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Russian Medical Academy for Postgraduate Education

·        Participation in external quality control by the Russian and foreign authorized organizations

·        Involvement into scientific work and research

·        Participation in the international clinical trials

Our results

-    57% pregnancy rate after single embryo transfer in IVF/ICSI in women under

             age of 38 years

-    65% pregnancy rate in Ovum donation program

-    52% pregnancy rate in Surrogacy program

-    42% pregnancy rate IVF/ICSI program with the use of frozen oocytes

-    58% pregnancy rate in IVF/ICSI cycles with the use of frozen embryos

-    47% pregnancy rate in IVF/ICSI with the use of testicular spermatozoa (TESA, TESE)

-    84% after IVF/ICSI with PGD/PGT

-    87% cumulative pregnancy rates 50% pregnancy rate after IVM

-    75% take-home baby rate – of all confirmed IVF pregnancies

Our Certificates and licenses

Our Specialists

Anshina Margarita Beniaminovna, MD, PhD

General Director of the IVF/Reproductive Genetics Center,

Vice-President of the Russian Association of Human Reproduction,

Russian Government prize winner in the field of reproductive medicine,

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Russian Journal of Human Reproduction

Our specialists:

·        Most experienced reproductive endocrinologists, members of leading professional associations (RAHR, ESHRE, ASRM), all PhD

·        Obstetricians and gynecologists, all PhD

·        Embryologists with the higher biological education, PhD

·        Experienced urologist-andrologist, member of the European Association of Andrology

·        Hemostasiologist - head of this direction in Russia

·        Oncologist-mammologist with great experience in infertile patient management before IVF.

·        Obstetricians with rich experience in managing pregnancies after IVF

·        Expert radiologist with special interest in abdominal, pelvic, thyroid, breast ultrasound, as well as sonographer specializing in intrauterine pathology

·        Consultant in perinatal pathology. Geneticist assessing risk for hereditary conditions and counselling about fetal anomalies

·        Reproductive endocrinologist for correction of any concomitant hormonal disorders: a thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, etc

·        General practitioner offering pregnancy counselling and evaluation of patients’ health before IVF and during pregnancy

Our Services

All kinds of gynecologic and andrology outpatient procedures:

-        colposcopy

-        office hysteroscopy

-        sono

-        treatment of cervix and endometrial pathology

-        full laboratory tests

-        semen analysis

-        MAR-test

-        genetic examination and testing

-        karyotyping

-        echocardiography

-        fetal assessment

Methods for infertility treatment

- Timed natural conception with and without ovarian stimulation

- IUI (intrauterine insemination) with the husband or donor sperm with and without ovarian       


- IVF/ICSI in natural and stimulated cycles



- Ovum donation and surrogacy programs

- Laser hatching

Egg&Embryo freezing

- Slow freezing

- Vitrification

- Prolonged gametes and embryos storage

- Donor sperm, egg and embryo banks

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

- Embryo biopsy on day 3 or trophectoderm biopsy for day 5-6 (preferably)

- Preimplantation Genetic Testing for all 24 chromosomes

- Sex selection according to indications

- Diagnostics of the possible chromosomal anomalies as reason of IVF failures and  

repeated pregnancy losses

IVF and Reproductive Genetics Center “FertiMed”

Reproduction and genetics clinic - Fertimed offers treatment of male or female infertility. Artificial insemination, IVF, ICSI. Diagnosis of hereditary and congenital diseases after infertility treatment